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Julia suffered the pains of the crown of thorns on April 6, 2007

Julia began suffering the pains of the crown of thorns and bleeding from the top of her forehead at about 3

p.m. on Good Friday. Moreover she suffered the pains of scourging which Jesus had suffered. As more blood

streamed down from her forehead, Julia received some of the blood in her hand.

On April 6, 2007, Good Friday, at about 3 p.m., as the

pilgrims were beginning the Stations of the Cross on

the  Blessed Mother’ Mountain in Naju,  Julia  began

suffering the pains of the crown of thorns and bleeding

from the top of her forehead.

Despite her pains and weakness, Julia did the Stations

of  the  Cross  barefoot  together  with  many  other


Julia fell at the Ninth Station because of the pains of




While Julia and other pilgrims were doing the Sta-

tions of the Cross on the Blessed Mother’s Mountain

in Naju, she suffered the extreme pains of the Crown

Julia received some of the blood in her hand.

of Thorns, and blood streamed down from the top of

Julia’s forehead and stained her clothes.  There also

appeared a scourging mark on her ear.

Drops of blood on Julia’s hands and clothes

After finishing the Stations of the Cross, the pilgrims

knelt and prayed before the Crucifix on Mt. Calvary.

Tiny drops of the Lord’s Precious Blood came down

like a light drizzle.



The Testimony of Fr. Donald  Lasap

appeared on the stole of Fr. Herman.

During my stay in Na Ju I observed Julia carefully.

Some 20 years ago, someone brought  a picture of a

I noticed great humility, deep prayer life, a lot of fasting

weeping statue of the Blessed Mother of Na Ju to our

by  her and  her  great  love for everyone  there.    I  also

diocese of Myitkyina, Kachin State, Burma. I saw it

observed her complete surrender to the will of God.

for the first time and I was very much impressed.

I  am very much convinced that  the Holy  Spirit  is

I was told about the Na Ju miracles by some people

speaking to the World through her.  The Holy Spirit

in Singapore in the year 2000 when I went there for a

gives her the  necessary graces to endure her  various

retreat.  Since then I have been eager to visit Na Ju but

kinds of sufferings.

somehow I never had a chance to do that.

I also witnessed the inner transformations in the lives

of so many people who were there.  Many pilgrims

In  February,  2007  a  group  of  pilgrims  from  San

shared with me how they used to live their lives and

Francisco, California, USA invited me to go to Na Ju

now they  say  that  their  lives  are  on  the  right  path

during the Holy Week.

again because of the Na Ju messages  and signs.

I  myself  feel  very  much  remorse  for  my  many

The  following  are  some  of  the  incredible  things  I

failures especially in my prayer life…..for not doing

witnessed together with many pilgrims.

what I should have and I could have.

Holy week in Na Ju was a grace-filled experience

*  On Good Friday, April 6, 2007 at 3:00 pm as we

for all of us.

(all the pilgrims) were getting ready for the way of the

After returning home one of my sisters kept asking me

cross, Julia Kim began to receive the crown of thorns

- What happened to you?  You are different than before.

on her head. We saw the blood streaming down from

Yes I am changed.  I feel that I am being renewed.

her head.

Thanks be to God and Mother Mary of Na Ju.

*  Fr.  Herman Ando and I  accompanied Julia along

Fr. Donald Lasap Khawng Lum

the way of the cross.  Julia fell down three times.

430 N, 21st Street, Camp Hill, PA 17011  U.S.A

*    After  the 15th Station,  we  continued  to  pray in

front of  the big Crucifix  and at a certain point Julia

wiped the feet of Jesus on  the Crucifix and her palm

became wet with fragrant oil. She also asked us (Fr.

Herman and myself) to do the same. We followed her

direction and found our palms were wet with the same

fragrant oil.

*  After the way of the cross and the rosary, we began

to  see  the  blood  flowing  down  again  from  Julia’s


*   On  Holy Saturday evening I  was  asked by  some

Two  priests  from  the  U.S.A.  and  Indonesia  witnessed

of the elders to welcome the miraculous statue of the

blood streaming down from the top of Julia’s head.

Blessed  Mother  Mary brought by  Julia. As  soon  as

the car door was opened all of us could smell a very

strong fragrance of roses.  All the pilgrims that were

there witnessed  the fragrant  oil oozing out from the

statue of the Blessed Mother.

*  After  our  evening  rosary  that  was  before  the

vigil  Mass,  some  of  us,  Fr.  Herman,  myself,  some

photographers and some of the elders were gathering

in a room behind the chapel, chatting with Julia when

all of a sudden we found some marks of blood on our

stoles. On the right side of my white stole we saw a

thick drop of fresh blood and then found another mark

of  blood  on my stole  and  also  two  marks  of blood



shook forcefully, and began speaking.


My beloved little soul!  I intend to save all by sending

down the Holy Spirit as requested in your prayers filled

with the love with which you have  meditated on the

Mystery of Salvation earned through the inestimable

pains on the Cross and have participated in My Passion

so that the clergy may be sanctified and even the most

wicked  sinners,  whose  very  human nature  has  been

dried up, may receive the grace of repentance.

My beloved children who have been called by Me and

My  Mother,  responded  with

to  that  call,  and


rushed  (to  Us)!    How  can  I  not  grant  your prayers,

as  you  offer  up  your  prayers  with  utmost  devotion

like this?  I feel much pain in My  Heart, as, even at

this moment, the clergy, the religious, and numerous

children are celebrating the feast in commemoration of

My Resurrection, but are only doing so perfunctorily.

However, I will collect all the prayers that you graciously

offer up with utmost devotion, accompanied with your

sacrifices and reparations, present them before God’s

justice  that demands expiation,  and  thereby turn  the

chastisement that is to come down on this world into

On April 6, 2007, at  about 6 p.m. while the priests were

a cup of blessing.

writing down their testimonies after having witnessed

Julia’s suffering the pains from the crown of thorns

My beloved children!  You cannot resurrect unless you

and  her  bleeding,  more  blood  suddenly  streamed

die first, can you?  You will surely be saved with the

down on  Julia’s forehead.  The priests and several

new Resurrection, if you genuinely follow the Will of

volunteer helpers witnessed this surprising scene.

Me and  My Mother Who have been screaming  until

Also,  even  though not  visible  in  the photograph,

Our  throats  become  torn  even  showing  numerous

Julia  suffered  the  pains  of  scourging  which  Jesus

signs,  in the  truth  that  you  can  resurrect  only  when

had  suffered,  and,  because  of  this,  exuded  sweat

and thick, sticky water, which made it difficult for her

you die first regardless of how painful your life may

to open her eyes.

be in this age when the good heads of grain are being

separated from the empty ones.


April 7, 2007 - Vigil of  Easter Sunday :

Children!  When you respond with

to My and


My Mother’s call and put into practice the messages

On  this  Easter  Vigil,  I  was  suffering  indescribably

of  love  that  have  been  given  (to  you)  through  My

severe  pains  in  my body, heavily weighed down by

little soul, you will all be protected and looked after in

the cruel scourging all over and  the crown of thorns

whatever circumstances you may be and you will be

on  Good  Friday,  but  I  offered  up  these  pains  and

rescued even from imminent crises.  Therefore, do not

devoted myself to prayer so that all the pilgrims might

ever be worried or fearful.  Not even one soul among

experience  the  joy  of  the  Resurrection.    Together

the  children  who  have  been  called,  have  responded

with  the  pilgrims,  I  prayed  the  Glorious  Mysteries

with Amen, and are following Me and My Mother will

of the Holy Rosary walking on the Way of the Cross

be abandoned like orphans.

in order to celebrate the Vigil of Our Lord’s glorious

victory  gained  by  defeating  death  and  resurrecting

No  matter  what  time  of  ordeal  you  are  confronted

and to sound the prelude to the triumph of the Blessed

with, I will strengthen and protect you with the love

Mother’s Immaculate Heart.  While we were praying

of the Holy Spirit which I sent down to you today.  So

the Third Glorious Mystery, Jesus on the Cross at Mt.

genuinely and totally offer up your thoughts, minds, and

Calvary radiated the light of the Holy Spirit on all of

souls so that you may experience a new Resurrection.

the pilgrims, which was so powerful that the Crucifix

I send down boundless blessings on all of you.




After the  Stations of  the Cross,  they  went  down to

Calvary  Hill.  When  Julia  began  praying  before  the

Crucifix, she saw another vision : “The side of Jesus

on the Cross opened and His Blood and water poured

down to the last drop upon all who were present. At

that  moment,  I  heard  Jesus’  voice,  which  sounded

anxious but kind.”

Bleeding from her side

After  the  Stations  of  the  Cross,  a  dermatologist

from  Germany  examined  the  wounds  on  Julia’s

body, and then, wiped away the blood on her face.

But about three hours later, she resumed suffering

the pains of the Crown of Thorns along with other

pains and blood flowed again from her forehead.



Julia received wounds on the forehead, both hands, side, and both feet, and also scourge marks on her

arms, legs, and back, corresponding to the wounds and pains that Our Lord suffered. These miraculous

signs were accompanied by extreme pains in reparation for the sins in the world and for the conversion of



At  about  3  a.m.  on  Good  Friday,  I  began  praying

down  clear and bright  light like  the  rays of  the sun

before the altar of repose at the place on the Blessed

upon all the people present there, healing their souls

Mother ’s Mountain where the Lord’s Precious Blood

and bodies.

had descended on August 15, 2002 and participating

in several kinds of extreme pains that the Lord and the

After the Stations of the Cross, we went down to Calvary

Blessed Mother were suffering.

Hill. When I began praying before the Crucifix, I saw

another vision: The side of Jesus on the Cross opened

In the  afternoon, from  about 2:30,  I suffered severe

and His Blood and water poured down to the last drop

pains  of the Seven Wounds  of Jesus. At about 2:40,

upon all  who  were present. At that  moment, I heard

blood  exuded from my forehead,  flowed  down, and

Jesus’ voice, which sounded anxious but kind.

dripped down from the tip of my nose.


At  about  3  p.m.,  I  returned  to  the  altar  of  repose

supported by others meditating on the Lord’s Passion,

Oh, My beloved little soul who has been called with

before  beginning  the  Stations  of  the  Cross.  There

extreme  love!  The  pains  of  wearing  the  crown  of

already were a monsignor, a priest, and more than 30

thorns instead of the royal crown, being scourged, and

other pilgrims from the Philippines, a priest and more

being crucified  because  of the sins  of the specially-

than 80 other pilgrims from Indonesia, about fifteen

called clergy, religious  and children are  greater than

pilgrims  from  the  United  States,  several  pilgrims

the pains of the suffering and dying on the Cross two

from Germany, Australia, Japan, and Hong Kong, and

thousand years ago, but My burning thirst is being well

many  Korean  pilgrims,  gathered  with  the  intention

quenched by a little soul like you who participates in

of  observing the Triduum together with the Blessed

My extreme sufferings for the conversion and salvation

Mother of Naju.

of the children in the world who have lost their sense

of direction and have become like beasts with human

While I was offering up the opening prayers before the


altar of repose together with the pilgrims, I suddenly

screamed loudly in spite of myself and collapsed from

As so  many  of My  children  whom I  have specially

the  pains  of  being  scourged  all  over  my  body  and

called and installed (as My workers) say that they love

being nailed to the cross.

Me  and  My  Mother  but  indulge themselves in  their

complicated  and  disorderly  thoughts  and  go  against

While doing the Stations of the Cross, I felt very cold

God, I feel painful to the extent of not even being able

and fell several times because of merciless scourging.

to look at them. Now, even after two thousand years

When I reached  the Twelfth Station, I saw a vision:

have  passed since  My Crucifixion,  I am  still  nailed

As soon as Jesus breathed His last, the black curtain

to the Cross day after day like this and am shedding

was removed,  the gate  of Heaven  opened,  and  God

Blood and water to the last drop for the conversion of

revealed the image of a white Sacred Host and poured

sinners, am I not?



However,  because there is a little soul  like you who

that I gave you so that they may achieve victory over

willingly and graciously participates in My sufferings

the cunning devil of division and ascend to Heaven.

for  saving  the  whole  world  through  the  victory  of

My mercy and love, I and My Mother are comforted,

Then,  through  the  pains  of  double  deaths  that  you

and  the cup of  God  the Father ’s just anger is  being

suffer while participating in My pains, the numerous


souls  who  had  been  walking  on  the  road  to  hell,

thrusting their fingers at others’ faces with misguided

theories and reasoning, will sincerely repent, and the

number of the souls who turn around and say: “It has

been my fault” will increase. What else could this be

than the happy pains that bring hope as you scream?

Isn’t that true?

Dear clergy and all the children in the world who have

responded  to  My  call  with

!  Today  I  wish  to


give the totality of My Love to all of you to heal your

arid  souls  and  bodies  as  well  as  your  sick  families

so  that they may become revitalized. I  have  already

completely laid down Myself by shedding Blood even

for the most wicked sinners who indulge themselves in

doing evil and reject Me and My Mother. What would

I not lay down for you who seek Me?

The  light  of  My  Love  with  which  I  laid  down  My

entire Body for all the children in the world will shine

not only on you but also on those people whom you

specially pray for.

Therefore,  I  desire  that  you,  who  have  been  called,

now distance yourselves from the things of the world,

How  can  I  not  love  you  after  seeing  your  pains  of

always remember My Cross which is for your salvation,

reparation accompanied by  your  gracious  sacri-fices

seek the highest good and love, take all the souls who

which  you  willingly  offer  up  so  that  the  numerous

have become contaminated with sins on board Mary’s

children of the world may repent and possess the tree

Ark of Salvation which My Mother has prepared, and

of eternal life, saying that your pains are “happy pains

make sure that they never get off.

that bring hope”?

I will soon go to each of you together with My Mother,

(Julia:  I  shouted  in  my  heart:  “I  am  a  sinner  who

bringing rewards and fire to separate good heads of grain

is  so  unworthy,  unqualified,  and  lowly.  I  am  an

from weeds and reward each according to his works.

unqualified person who cannot do anything. I am truly

I desire that at least you, who are supposed to know


Me and My Mother, do your best by perpetuating the

Paschal Mysteries of the Last Supper and Resurrection


in reparation for the most horrible sins of blasphemy

and the sins of going against God the Father’s solemn

My  darling  little  baby  whom  I  love!  Through  the

dignity, so that all may be saved.

pains  you  suffer  while  acknowledging  that  you  are

an  unworthy,  unqualified,  and  lowly  sinner,  even

All  My  dear  children  in  the  world!  Even  when  a

those  souls  who  are  rushing  toward  hell  will  return

dangerous  crisis  befalls  you  and  you  are  unable  to

to the bosom of the Holy Catholic Church. As I and

do anything about it because of its suddenness while

My Mother dwell in your childlike heart with which

working to make known the highest and purest love of

you acknowledge that you are a sinner who is always

Me and My Mother, I and My Mother will guard and

unworthy  and  lowly,  do  not  worry  or  hesitate  but

protect you,  sustain you so that you  may never give

resolutely and courageously spread (the messages) to

up despite difficulties, and always be with you as your

the children in the world with the invincible weapon*

companions  even  if  any  natural  disasters  visit  you,



and you will escape from the disaster of the flames of

When Jesus finished speaking, he disappeared. I could


only see His image on the Crucifix. Also, my pains had

been so severe to the extent of needing a wheelchair,

Therefore, through My Mother who is the shortcut in

but the pains were gone after I received the message

coming to Me, have total trust in Me, your Redeemer

and I felt my body as light as a bird’s feather**.

and Judge  of justice, and become  lowlier and littler

souls. And  take  the  lead  and  spread (the  messages)

[Translator ’s note: *Julia explains that “the invincible

valiantly to save the world of misery which is drifting

weapon” the  Lord  mentions here refers to  the com-

toward its destruction.

bined  love  of  the  Sacred  Heart  of  Jesus  and  the

Immaculate Heart of Mary, with which we can love

Even today I intend to transfuse to you My Blood which

everyone regardless of his condition. This expression

I shed  on the Cross like  this  in  order  to  thoroughly

had also been used in several earlier messages  from

wash away your dirty stains. I want all of you to love

the Lord and the Blessed Mother in Naju.

one another and take the lead in saving the world with

the transcendence of My love with which I shed Blood

from the Cross because I love even the most wicked

**About  three  hours  later,  Julia  resumed  suffering


pains while she was meditating and praying before the


I desire that at least you, whom I have chosen, empty

again and again your minds which have become filled

with riches and thus become humble and little souls,

and unite with My highest and purest love with which

I want to save all the children with the immeasurable

merits of the sufferings on the Cross and the love in

My Sacred Heart. Thus, accept totally in your hearts

My  Mother’s  boundless  love  with  which  she  loves

you so dearly and become one with Her Heart. May

the  infinite blessing,  love  and  peace be always  with

you who came here seeking Me and My Mother!

Scourge marks

appeared on

Julia’s legs

(April 14, 2006,

Good Friday)

Scourge marks appeared on Julia’s legs

(April 14, 2006, Good Friday)




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